Brownstone Temple Association

2020 Board of Directors and Members

2020 Board Officers

Brother Sheldon K. Hoover, P.M. - President

Brother Thomas F. Campbell, P.M. - Vice President

Brother Alfred W. Kaplin, P.M. - Treasurer

Brother Shawn S. Hentz, P.M. - Secretary

2020 Board of Director Members

                                                         Brother Thomas F. Campbell, P.M., Worshipful Master

                                                         Brother David S. Forry, P.M., Senior Warden

                                                         Brother Paul E. Michel, Junior Warden

                                                         Brother Shawn S. Hentz, P.M., Secretary

                                                         Brother Alfred W. Kaplin, P.M., Treasurer

                                                         Brother Sheldon K. Hoover, P.M., Trustee

                                                         Brother Laurence R. Rutt, P.M., Trustee

                                                         Brother Gregory P. Spahr, P.M., Trustee

                                                         Brother Mark G. Mattern, P.M.

                                                         Brother Albert J. Vasko, P.M.

                                                         Brother Dennis D. Tidwell

                                                         Brother David M. Edwards

                                                         Brother Les Eckert

                                                         Brother Charles W. Will

                                                         Brother Donald Cramer, II

                                                         Brother Michael Gipe

Standing Committees

                              Finance Committee                                                           Building Committee

                     Brother Alfred W. Kaplin, P.M.                                                    Brother Les Eckert

                        Brother David M. Edwards                                                  Brother Charles W. Will 

                     Brother Shawn S. Hentz, P.M.                                              Brother Donald Cramer, II


Rental Committee

Brother Thomas F. Campbell, P.M.

Brother David S. Forry, P.M.

Brother Sheldon K. Hoover, P.M.